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Sit back and truly relax as we take you to the best parts of our South Pacific ports in modern luxury!
When you cruise to the South Pacific, the days will stretch as long as the white sand beaches and we'll take care of everything so you can switch straight onto island time.


Explore the World Below

There is nothing quite like the South Pacific ocean. Imagine crystal clear azure water that is dotted with vibrant corals, teeming with interesting sea life and bright tropical fish. You’ll want to dive right in. 
Explore the world below from the surface above as you cruise around on kayaks, stand up paddle boards, or delve deeper with a diving or snorkelling Shore Excursion. 




Tropical Culture

There is more to the South Pacific than palm trees and deep blue seas. The diverse history and culture of each island is fascinating and the shore experiences immerse you in both.
Colonised by the French, when you head ashore to Noumea and you’ll discover that local Kanak culture has been given a delightful french twist - baguette on a tropical beach, anyone? Or, learn about island life before colonisation and watch colourful traditional dance performed by the locals on Lifou. If you’re feeling adventurous we’ll take you island hopping in Vanuatu. 
Spend one day discovering local markets at the serene Mystery Island and the next exploring the vibrant and sophisticated port of Vila. We make sure you make the most of your South Pacific cruise holiday.



Adventures on land

The South Pacific has to be one of our favourite and most adventurous spots on the map.
If you like exhilarating experiences, a tropical island adventure is for you. Hike through beautiful lush rainforest and spot exotic flora and fauna along the way. There are caves to explore, wildlife retreats to visit, waterfalls to shower under and so much more.
There is no denying that the South Pacific is paradise and when you cruise there you’ll find a dreamy island escape ashore and a modern luxury sanctuary waiting for you back onboard the ship.


Dreaming of a South Pacific cruise holiday? Start your tropical adventure today!


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