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From world heritage rainforests to iconic sights and abundant wildlife, cruise Australia and you’ll realise there’s no place quite like home.
Expect to be in awe as soon as you enter the harbour. Your private balcony will serve as the grandstand to the panoramic views of Australia and the abundance of this destination. Cruise close to home and experience the beauty of our region from a superior vantage point.
The spectacular natural scenery combined with the cosmopolitan cities and beach vibes of Australia offer a cruise experience like no other. Step aboard and let Celebrity Cruises take you on a journey with complete style and sophistication.


Natural Wonders

Australia is the land of plenty – plenty of natural wonders that is. We’ve handpicked some of the very best natural attractions in the country and our Australia Cruises sail you straight there.
From the moment you step aboard to the minute you depart, we’ll treat you to a feast for the eyes, Aussie style. Take a tour of the Pacific Ocean and visit remote tropical islands or dive the world-famous reefs. Surf towering sand dunes and crashing beach breaks or just sit back and soak up the local beach vibes.
 Our top pick? We recommend swimming in the natural basin of the breath-takingly beautiful Cedar Creek Falls at Airlie Beach. 



Iconic Sights

It’s not all beautiful vistas and incredible landscapes; Australia is a country of cosmopolitan cities with iconic landmarks. These unique and sophisticated ports are a must see and our cruises visit the best cities Australia has to offer.
Visiting Sydney Harbour by cruise ship is an experience not to be missed. As you cruise through the azure waters of sparkling Sydney Harbour, you’ll be able to glimpse the iconic Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge from top deck. Plus, we dock at the doorstep of the city giving you access to all the beaches, wineries and culture this thriving metropolis has to offer.




Each port of call on your Australia and New Zealand cruise offers something new to discover. Whether it's stunning beaches, towering fjords, unique cities or majestic mountains.
On your cruise you can choose to include a range of shore excursions to make your adventure in Australia truly unforgettable. Journey from the depths of the Pacific Ocean to the tops of majestic mountains. Surf the sand dunes of North Head, discover the Australian vineyards or plunge into the epic underworld of the Great Barrier Reef.
Every detail is designed to offer you a wealth of awe-inspiring experiences.




Adventure and Wildlife

Celebrity Cruises makes sure that you get the best views from the ship and access to the best experiences when you hit the shore. In Australia, there are wild adventures to be had and a huge array of wildlife to spot while you’re at it!
Get up close and personal with koalas and kangaroos at Blackbutt Reserve or swim with the beautiful, colourful fish of the Great Barrier Reef. If you’d prefer to take to the skies then go skydiving in Airlie Beach or keep your feet firmly on the ground and spot wild crocodiles as you roam through lush prehistoric rainforest in Cairns.
Whatever adventure you’re seeking, you’re likely to find it in Australia. 



Book your Australia cruise holiday today and get ready to be immersed in everything that is unique and majestic! 



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